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Emergency and Temporary Accommodation

One of our primary focuses is for temporary and emergency accommodation. Housing shortages have been an ongoing issue for a number of years with demand constantly outstripping supply in key areas across the UK. In addition to this private rental costs have sky rocketed across many parts of UK with some tenants paying 50% of their monthly income on rent. 

1 Bedroom Shipping Container House

Our Accommodation Unit benefits:-

  • our unique system allows a one bedroom fully self contained unit to be increased to 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms simply by adding an additional bedroom pod connected to the existing unit.
  • 90% of unit construction is completed off site reducing waste and carbon footprint of the development while at the same time increasing productivity and quality of the end product.
  • rapid installation and removal of units with this completely mobile option allows for sites with short term temporary planning to be utilised until permanent usage of the site is realised. On expiry of the temporary planning permission the units can simply be moved to an alternative site where the process starts again.
  • small footprint for construction with minimal infrastructure required. An area of just 15m x 6m could accommodate 4 one bedroom units or two 3-4 bedroom units by using a two story stacking system. Higher stacking projects will achieve higher density without affecting the project footprint.
  • direct purchase or leased options at current LHA rates within M25 available to all Local Authorities. LHA rates for areas outside of Greater London we can offer lease rates within 20% of LHA rates.
  • Suitable for unused or under utilised public sector land or brownfield land with long term development potential.

Why not contact us to see what we could do for your emergency or temporary accommodation requirements and let us devise a concept to meet your requirements?