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Shipping Container Homes

New and pre-owned shipping container homes are used for a variety of standard rental and sale options with fully customised shipping container homes converted to customer specifications available on request.

Shipping container homes are extremely robust and are therefore ideally suited to rugged environments and where safety is a concern.

Shipping container homes are easily stackable and can be joined to make larger secure units. They can also be fully cladded or internally fitted to a high standard to provide more upmarket and aesthetically pleasing units.

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Accommodation

Much has been made of the use of shipping container homes or shipping container accommodation, even though their suitability for long-term living is widely debated.

Less explored is the way containers and containerisation have been transforming infrastructure. There is great need for easy access to infrastructure, from medical facilities to water treatment around the world. The shipping container is an appealing option, being rapidly deployable, scalable, transportable, plug-and-play and a turnkey solution.

Accommodation / Housing units are ideal shipping container conversions.

They provide the perfect based construction for modification. Uses detailed below can simply be dropped in on a plug in and play basis and by removed rapidly if required.

Other potential accommodation concepts are uses such as:

  • Beach huts – Robust construction perfect for the tough winter conditions but flexible enough to create a striking building by the sea in a sympathetic way to fit with its surroundings
  • Holiday lets – holiday lets are rapidly becoming big business in the UK and the demand for this type of accommodation is high. Designed to the highest standards these units can be delivered on a plug in and play basis