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modular building innovation

Podular Developments, innovators in modular buildings from the upcycling of IOS Shipping Containers. We offer a full in-house design, build, installation & maintenance package to suit all situations & clients. Shipping containers offer so many benefits through their own inherent design, offering a strong & robust base frame to modify the container into a multitude of uses including:-

  • Emergency / Temporary Accommodation
  • Domestic / Home Offices
  • Commercial Offices
  • Workshops
  • Catering Units
  • Mobile Bars
  • Outside Garden Kitchens
  • Temporary / Pop-Up Shops


Home Office Container Conversion

Fully Relocatable

We always design with one predominant thing in mind and that is the mobility factor. All of our system’s that are designed to be relocatable and modular are designed to allow for rapid installation and demobilisation with the minimum of fuss. If fact where conversions keep the same ISO standard dimensions for shipping containers our solutions can be taken almost anywhere across the globe using established transport methods such as shipping or air freight.

Our shipping containers can offer the following benefits:-

  • Short-term siting for events & festivals
  • Mobile Cost effective solution
  • 60 year Design life
  • Scalable to allow for additional units to be added at a later date
  • Cost saving – No foundations required – just a flat, level surface
  • Can be designed for “off-grid” use

Offsite construction

Efficiency and quality is a primary benefit of offsite construction. By building offsite within a factory environment the construction/conversion process is theoretically the same every time, optimising a speedy construction time, production throughput and reducing the potential for costly faulty workmanship. Work can be accurately programed to be delivered on time and to the highest quality without having issues such as, adverse weather. Safety is more controllable within a factory environment over traditional site based construction. Factory’s are a far more predictable setting than an actual onsite construction site, which eliminates the variables of weather and visibility. Having the conditions be the same every time makes errors much less likely. Most of onsite construction’s most dangerous hazards such as falls from height and equipment accidents, are not an issue in the factory environment. Offsite construction is more sustainable and eco friendly as it requires less heavy machinery and less energy. Transporting the finished project to the site also uses minimal vehicles, and wastage is minimised through accurately calculating material volumes for the entire project allowing the us to make savings by buying in bulk.
A smaller workforce is also required to construct a building in a factory setting. Less workers means less wage costs; keeping building prices more affordable.

Shipping Container Homes



Building Regulations Compliant

All of our solutions are designed and constructed to the same standard as traditional buildings and are fully compliant with local building regulations.